Sunday, March 22, 2009

Have You Struggled In This Area?

Our dear brother David has posted about something that may be helpful to many of us who have struggled in this area, but for fear of intimidation from other brethren, we have not had the courage to vocalize it and rest upon Jesus instead of others and their experiences.

Truth rules over experience. We are saved by a Saviour; not a day.

Good post David!

I Don't Know?

We may not know exactly when, but we do know WHO saved us:-)

Grace upon grace,


Sunday, March 1, 2009

It is coming folks----->The Prime Minister Calling For A Global Order

As the world cries out for an Anti-Christ saviour and new union order, may we call out to our God and Saviour Jesus Christ, who has begotten us into his New Covenant union, to return for us quickly and to re-create the new heaven and earth so that we will finally have true order and peace.

Until then, we remind ourselves that we do have peace and that Jesus has already overcome the world and he lives within all of us who have been begotten of Him in His death, burial and resurrection into the love of the Father and that He loves us as He loves His own Son Jesus that He gave for us to redeem us back unto Himself. We are his precious possessions and we need not call for a peace here on earth now that the world desires only to live in rebellion longer and without Him.

Grace upon grace,