Monday, February 1, 2010

The Book Of Jude

Since watching a video on a message by David Wilkerson last week, I've spent much of the week meditating on the book of Jude. He started the epistle wanting to talk about our wonderful salvation, but was detoured by the Holy Spirit to in essence, go into the bathroom and clean up around a dirty toilet where certain men had crept in unawares to pervert the grace of God and turn it into lasciviousness. Basically he wanted to write a letter on our blessed gracewalk and the great joy in grace, but was compelled to write on the leaven of Herod that had perverted that grace and turned it into something else. A deadly poisonous cake with grace icing on top of it.

Jesus warned us to beware of three leavens in the Church: The leaven of the Pharisees-Legalism; the leaven the Sadducee-Liberalism; and the leaven of Herod-Hedonism.

No one likes to go into the bathroom and clean around the toilet, so it is with much pause that I post this again and with a burdened heart. All three leavens must be addressed. The truth of God's word must be held in balance with the three way's Jesus described that it would be perverted.

I fully believe that the Holy Spirit led me to this after having watched the Wilkerson video, it is no coincidence in my mind that this man would also be impacted by David Wilkerson's ministry as well and it is not so much the man, but the heart and the voice that comes from the spirit of God. I do not believe in following man as there are differences in some of my own theological views than David Wilkersons, but I have learned that the body of Christ is much larger than I thought and is also good reason why men focus on those three different types of leaven that Jesus warned of. I do believe God is using men to get our attention. I want to again post the Wilkerson video and then this man's video with a clear message that starts in the text of Jude.


A Seed Sower-Merely one of the brethren! said...

Thanks for leading me to Brother Wilkersons video!!!
God bless!!!

Bhedr said...

Your welcome. God bless.

Charis said...

Hello There Brian!!

It's been a long time. It's good to read your words and see your picture. God Bless You Man !!!!!!!!!!

Bhedr said...

Hey brother! Good to hear from you. You still in Montenagro?